If you’ve been here before, you know that I am crowdfunding my VR cyberpunk novel NooSpace at Inkshares.

I really appreciate all the supporters that have already signed up! Everyone will get a copy of the book when it’s published. But publication can take a while, so there must be something else I can offer.

The standard promotion run by other authors is an Amazon gift card given randomly to a supporter once the book hits a pre-order limit.

That’s great, but I’d rather do something that fits with the VR theme of NooSpace itself.

NooSpace is a 3D virtual world, owned by its players and backed by the blockchain, the same technology that powers Bitcoin.

For months, I have followed a similar VR-on-the-blockchain project called Decentraland. Like NooSpace, Decentraland will let people buy plots of virtual land and create their own structures and immersive 3D experiences on it. The project has just begun, so you can’t go online with it yet. But the Decentraland team just raised over US$25 million, so their Metaverse will get built in one form or another.

So here’s the promotion: Everyone who pre-orders the NooSpace novel on Inkshares has a chance to win their own virtual plot of land in Decentraland!

I will buy the land for you, and also build a 3D scene there straight from the NooSpace novel. You will have your choice of one of these scenes:

  • Princess Kara’s Meadow (unicorn included!)
  • The Zen Garden (complete with fire golem!)
  • The Escher Maze
  • Trevor’s Wasteland
  • Thug Porn Mansion (nudity not required)
  • Riello’s Gauntlet Dance Garden

I’m open to other suggestions too — even one of the winner’s own design — as long as it’s not too complex. I already have MANA (the Decentraland cryptocurrency) to buy the land, and I’m able to create the 3D content there for you to enjoy.

When NooSpace gets funded on Inkshares, I will do a random drawing and award a lucky supporter their own version of NooSpace in VR! (Or, the winner may choose an Amazon Gift Card worth $50 instead. But wouldn’t owning your own virtual space be more fun?)

Here’s a video from the Decentraland team, just to get you more excited.

For a simple book pre-order, you can win a permanent place in the public VR Metaverse. How cool is that?

This is just the first promotion. I’m cooking up another one that might be slightly more awesome. More about that next week.

Cheers, Rob

Pre-order my novel NooSpace on Inkshares!